Monday, March 1, 2010


breakfast: blueberry chobani w/ 1 tblsp almond butter, coffee w/ creamer & agave (280)
snack: chocolate brownie cliff z bar (130)
lunch: tuna w/ hummus and corn (280)
snack: chocolate covered espresso beans (70)
dinner: rice, fish, leftover chow fun (400)
dessert: coffee w/ creamer & agave, half a cookie (140)

total: 1300

I know second sem senior = worry free. Until I have those acceptance letters, I can't asianness to the extreme!! I gotta keep my grades up, just in case- not easy with 5 AP classes, working on newspaper 3-5Pm every day, preparing for my senior recital, planning fundraisers...T_T

I will keep commenting on blogs, but until April 1st, I will not be blogging. When I come back, it will be under a new blog (probably on wordpress, I can't deal with blogger...).

k, see y'all then!

-The Gurl

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Late post

wowwww I was ssooo tired yesterday! i woke up after 7 hrs, just cause my body's so damn used to it...T_T

splitting headache + tiredness + sore body = no workout. i think my body's trying to tell me something...haha

ugh and (tmi alert)I got my period a week early. tired gurl + period = really tired gurl. combine with 4 major tests today= stressed and tired gurl. blech.

went grocery shopping today (AGAIN , r u rlly that surprised? LOL).

My Loot:
-Stonyfield Farms ORGANIC SKIM MILK!!! HOLLAAAAA!!! woop! I got a dollar off too!
-CHOBANI YOGURT- I finally stocked up again. I ran out. I waited for a sale. 5/$5. Yep ONE DOLLAR EACH. I bought ten. haha (or rather, what was left on shelves!)
-Annie's Mac and cheese, indiv packs- there are 5 packets. it was $4. good deal. lol

didn't get too much- i'm pretty loyal to Trader Joe's for anything else LOL. Ooooo and Irish soda bread. tried a bite. it was pretty good!

Yesterday's Eats:
bfast: 1/2 cup egg beaters, 2 tsp olive oil, 1/3 cup corn, 1 cup broccoli with coffee w/ creamer & agave (250)
snack: 1/2 farmer's fresh cookie- so addictive! (100)
lunch: rice w/ soft tofu soup, some broiled mackerel, kimchee (350)
dessert: other half of that cookie lol, bite of soda bread, with coffee w/ creamer & agave! (150)
snack: soda bread (100)
dinner: 2 slices cheese pizza (500)<---- again, yes I know. but yummy authentic pizza. it was for a church get together. my turn to bring food. what else do you buy when u have to feed 30 people? lol
dessert: 2 fun size crunch bars, coffee w/ creamer & agave (180)

total: 1630

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Concert day!

OMG crazy crazy day! from 9-1, I had classes/ private lessons, 1-2 i had a recital, grabbed some lunch, then headed over to Alice Tully at Lincoln Center for sound check and dress rehearsal. sat around from 5:30-7:30 backstage, played, and got home at 10 pm.

gah so tired! physically, but mentally too...a recital AND a concert?!?!? i don't want to cram for 3 major tests tomorrow, but i may have to...i'm brain dead right now...need sleeeeppppp

Today's Yummy Eats

breakfast: honey chobani yogurt with 1 tbslp almond butter, coffee w/ milk & agave (270)
snack: kashi dark chocolate coconut bar (120)
lunch: 1 slice chicken and broccoli pizza, left over cheese pizza (550)- the chicken was fried but the slices were pretty small
snack: 1.5 biscotti cookies from farmers market (285)
dinner: chicken quesadilla from Trader Joe's, garden salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette, 2 gyozas (500)

total: 1725
net: a lot less. try carrying a cello up and down stairs...and playing cello for over 5 hrs...T_T lol

and y yes, I DID splurge on really good NYC pizza, and y yes i DID splurge on fresh cookies just out of the oven. muahahaha =P srsly, SPLURGE when you want to. just make sure it's the good stuff. life's too short for bad pizza and dry cookies! (and yes, ONE cookie was almost 200 moment right there!)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Chia goodness!

The Actor's Diet is giving away Chia Goodness from Ruth's Hemp Foods!

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Go to to learn about Chia goodness!

(I tried to do the whole link back thing...blogger is NOT cooperating. -_-;;; It shows up invisible and unclickable hmph

SNOW DAY (AGAIN!!!!!!!) Woot~

So I slept at 12. Why? 1) guaranteed snow day. 2) KIM YUNA skated. And she OWNED. She is the QUEEN no one can beat her- srsly i think she'll win gold at every competition she does until she officially retires LOL.

And yes, I had a snow day. Second of the year (and we had a 2 hr delay and an early dismissal this yr too- TOO MUCH SNOW!). It looks like the Ice Age outside. Lots of power outages- I am very GRATEFUL that our power and heat are still on!

so Plan A: sleep in. FAIL. I woke up at 5 with a stomachache :-( So i got up and rewatched Kim Yuna's short program and free skate and the medal ceremony.

I feel really bad for MAO ASADA- she is phenomenal. she just got overshadowed. everyone's saying that she is Salieri to Yuna's Mozart-lots of effort, just not a genius. And the bronze medalist? JOANNIE ROCHETTE. What a heartwarming story. She was phenomenal too. So pretty- and she looks like such a kind hearted person. And her dad was turning red in the stands...:-( <3 I'm so glad she won. She deserves it.

So I got up at 5. Ate bfast at 6:30. Went back to bed at 9. Woke up at 11. Ate lunch, surfed blogs and read random entries, and worked out. For 45 minutes. Without stopping. On resistance. HOLLA!!!!! I burned 370 calories.

On calorie burning- I heard that machine counters are very inaccurate and overcount. So i take 90% of what the machine says. So I burned 419 calories (according to the machine). I took 90% which was 377 point something. I rounded down, just in case (again). Hopefully that's more accurate!

Today's eats:

breakfast: 1/2 cup egg beaters, 1/3 cup corn, 1 cup broccoli with 1 tsp olive oil, 1/2 piece toast, coffee w/ agave & creamer, bite of banana (310)
snack: Korean rice drink (90)
lunch: PASTA with Trader Joe's tomato sauce and Trader Joe's turkey meatball, side salad with balsamic vinegar (420)
snack:1 banana, Korean Oh Yes! cake, coffee w/ creamer & agave (270)
dinner: rice, Korean soft tofu soup, 4.5 oz firm tofu grilled, lots of kimchee (430)
dessert: few bites of Cheesecake Factory pumpkin cheesecake, coffee w/ creamer & agave (190)

total: 1710 <------eek! lol
net: 1340

Korean cake + cheescake?!?! today was def a splurge day, not just calorie wise but food-choice wise- lots of refined foods.

(photo from haitaifood.en)

The Korea Oh! Yes cake was a splurge thing- its NOT natural in any way. But it tastes good. Better than ChocoPie. I haven't had it in ages, so I was like, I just burned 370 calories, why not, it's automatic portion control and only 140 calories.

I didn't know we had cheesecake in the house. But was I going to turn down THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY cheesecake?!?! HELL NO. lol. I just had a few bites (and unfortunately, cheesecake is VERY calorie dense. oops. lol)

Before, I would literally nibble, and eat maybe half a bite total, while i wait for everyone else to finish it off.

Not now. now it's more, "GET AWAY FROM MA CAKE!!!" lol =P

and yes, it was yummy.

and yes, I am full beyond belief.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

UGH my school's weird

Yes, nice title right? lol so I woke up at 6, checked school website. NOTHING. crap. so i start cramming right? b/c i thought we'd have a snow day so I didn't study for my AP Gov Pol test. Fast forward 30 minutes. Get a call. Early dismissal at 12. WTF. Now no more test till tomorrow. I could have worked out. But couldn't. b/c i was cramming for a nonexistent test LOL. our classes were 20 minutes today. we didn't get anything done. it was great :-D

breakfast: 1/4 cup egg beaters + 1 egg + 3/4 cup broccoli, 1/2 piece whole wheat toast, coffee w/ agave & creamer (220)
snack: espresso pillows! (40)
lunch: Trader Joe's Tikka Masala with 1 cup broccoli and few bites of potato (400)
dessert: coffee w/ agave & creamer, left over Korean Caffee Latte (90)
snack: 1/2 small potato (70)
dinner: rice, potato, bits of mackerel, 4 oz grilled tofu (420)
dessert: coffee w/ creamer & agave (40)
snackage: citron tea (50)


REVIEW: Trader Joe's Tikka Masala

(photo from

(photo from

Ok, I admit it- when I opened it, I was like that ain't gonna fill me up! So i heated up some frozen broccoli b/c there was so much sauce to soak it up with, and ate some potatoes before I even touched the meal. There were 3 pieces of chicken swimming in sauce, and maybe 1/2 cup rice. So I started eating- the chicken was moist, and the sauce was really flavorful, and the rice wasn't dry like many instant rice brands or frozen meals. Then halfway through, WHAM I was full. But I kept eating because it was so yummy. If you bulk it up with veggies (like I did), this will keep u full a LONG time- don't let the tiny portion size fool you! It must be a the perfect combo of protein and carbs! I ate at 12:30, ate literal 2 bites of potato at 4, and ate dinner at 6 and was totally fine (I wasn't even that hungry at 6! just kinda hungry, know what i mean?... haha). DEFINITELY will purchase again- it totally satisfied my Indian food craving I got from reading's posts on her trip to India!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Praying for a snow day

Good news 1: my major calc test was moved to Monday
Good news 2: there is a huge chance of a snow day tomorrow.
Good news 3: if there is a snow day tomorrow...
-AP Gov Pol unit test will be Friday
-AP Spanish test will be Monday
-AP Physics test will be Tuesday

Everything will be spread out. :does the snow dance:

I WAS going to workout today. But...I was too tired. I listened to my body and took a much-needed day off.

Concerning that I am not eating enough: I NEVER go below 1200. The new issue of health advises 1250 a day for a 5'4" woman, and 50 calories below for each inch shorter. That means I should eat 1000 calories a day. I think they are on crack. They also recommend cardio 3X a week. That is called disordered eating.

I've gotten a confusion of info: some places tell me to eat 1200, some 1600, w/e. I'm going to eat HEALTHY when i am HUNGRY. some days are higher. esp Saturdays i am in the city. i will splurge on pizza and starbucks and sushi and what not. some days will be lower. i just don't feel like eating, or my tummy hurts or i'm stressed, or tired. but i will not go over 1200 total. most likely i will not go below 1300 total.

so sorry for my rant, but here are today's eats:

breakfast: Chobani honey yogurt with 2/3 tblsp almond butter, coffee w/ milk and agave (250)
lunch: rice, 1 egg, smoked salmon, drizzle of almond oil, broccoli (350)
snack: carrots and hummus (100)
dinner: rice with Korean chicken and potatoes, stir fried bok choy (460)
dessert: 1/2 cup Korean rice drink (70)
dessert II: coffee w/ creamer & agave, square milka (90)
random: chocolate covered espresso beans (40)
randomII: citrus tea (40)

total: 1400

Review!!! Trader Joe's Espresso Pillows

(photo from

These are "crunchy toffeed espresso bits covered in dark chocolate." They are pillows of HEAVEN. I can't carry around (or get refills) of coffee throughout the school day, so i just eat a few of these. Best part? They are 70 calories for 22. TWENTY-TWO. Yup so i can nibble all day for 70 calories LOL. Each tin has 5 servings for $2.99. NOT BAD. Starbucks has similar goodies for much less product for the same price! and these have NO preservatives, NO artificial colors and NO artificial flavors.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have NO idea why i'm so tired all the time- i sleep 7.5 hrs like clockwork every night, and i exercise (isn't exercise supposed to make u more awake? it makes me sleepy during the

still so much work...calc quiz was fine...workin on my eng paper prolly will need to cram for ap go po tom night eek

gonna do strength training tom morn! (like...using 3 lb weights, crunches, etc LOL)

todays eats-

bfast: small banana, 1 tblsp almond butter, coffee w/ creamer & agave (230)
snack: kashi bar (120)
lunch: 1 can tuna, 2 tbslp hummus, 1/3 cup corn (290)
snack: dark chocolate covered espresso beans from Trader Joe's! (40)
dinner: Korean instant Shin ramen with an egg, kimchee (600)
dessert: citron tea (50)
random: Korean rice drink (70)

total: 1400
net: 1200

Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to the Grind

First day back after break is always the hardest...or would be if i didn't have a AP Calc quiz tomorrow, AP Gov & Pol unit test Thursday, and an AP Spanish and AP Calc test friday as well as an AP Lit paper due Friday....all with a Thursday dress rehearsal from 4-10. OY.

i've been waking up at 8 to exercise during break...and i had to wake up at 6. i could barely manage 30 minutes (and 6 were easy cool-down minutes). now i'm pooped and it's only 6PM and i still have so much work....i thought second semester seniors were supposed to relax?!??!

anyways the good news is that i will know which college i am going to in just 5 weeks! (ok, that might be bad news, but good because i know ill get in SOMEWHERE and i'll be happy wherever i go!)

so today's eats:

breakfast: banana w/ almond butter and coffee w/ creamer & agave (270 calories)
lunch: canned tuna with corn and hummus (320)
snack: peanut butter cookie larabar (210)
dinner: rice with broiled mackerel, some egg (400)
dessert: 2 bites of Korean sweet bean bread, coffee w/ creamer & agave (90)
extra: random dark chocolate covered espresso beans (20)
random: few sips of korean rice drink (40)

total: 1350

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Holding on

I made the mistake of weighing myself today. I'm still stuck at 125.

I eat net 1200-1400. that shudn't be enough to be maintaining my weight- thats ridiculously low for maintenance.

and then i feel myself slipping to bad thoughts...

if i eat just ONE egg and some veggies with coffee with no creamer, then it would be 130 calories...salad with sugar free dressing and a hard boiled egg is only 100 calories...i could get by on 400 calories for the day...

and then i feel the growing muscles in my thighs, how awake I feel. and then it stops. for a while. but it's enough to keep me going.

I am grateful that my body is healthy enough to get me through each day, my legs healthy enough to stand 45 min on the elliptical on high resistance (how I burned 400 calories!).

breakfast: 1 slice bread, 2 tbsp hummus, some orange-mango juice, coffee w/ creamer & agave (300)
snack: carrots and hummus (120)
lunch: 4 oz tuna steak, sauteed veggies, salad w/ corn and tomatoes, random Terra Cotta chips (450)
snack: small banana, other half of Luna bar (170)
dinner: rice and korean curry (with potatoes, carrots, onions and chicken) (430)
dessert: 1 square milka, coffee w/ creamer & agave (80)
dessert2: citron tea (50)

total: 1600
net: 1200

I was hungry ALL day today. probably because i exercised so much! the dinner calorie estimate is VERY rough (actually so is lunch)- i'm pretty much overestimating again. my net is pretty low today, but i mean i ate 1600 calories...according to some calculators i shud be eating 1200 TOTAL for weight loss (i'd STARVE)- that's freaking insane i'm sorry lol. i mean, technically i COULD. but i don't wanna live hungry 24/7- that's no way to live a life!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

splurge day (again..haha)

breakfast: 2 eggs with broccoli and corn, coffee w/ agave & creamer (260)
snack: 1/2 luna bar (90)
lunch: spicy tuna roll, spicy crunchy tuna roll both small, little miso soup (520)
snack: grande iced skim chai (160)
dinner: tuna, vegetables sauteed, rice (440)
dessert: coffee w/ agave & creamer, 1 piece Milka (80)
snack: few random Terra Cotta chips (50)

total: 1600
"net": 1500

Again, Saturday = music day! played maybe 4 hrs today of cello, which apparently burns calories but w/e Sat is my splurge day. i actually think i did really well :-D

1) i could have gotten regular rolls at the Japanese restaurant, but life's too short! ;-) I got what I was craving. now that i look at though, i couldv just gotten pizza =P

2) did I need that chai? no...i was really full too...but i was in the city, and passed like 5 starbucks. i really wanted one rofl

again, those rolls were REALLY tiny...kind of a rip off but it was off the lunch menu so it was $10 with tip (although i covered my friends' too...-_-).

i didn't "exercise" but i did some brisk walking in NYC walking to Barnes & Noble to read mags and drink some chai! :-D that and climbing 6 flights of stairs with a cello...haha i'm sayin i burned 100 calories!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Last day of break :-(

weeee I went to Trader Joe's today. um, seriously i could spend hrs in that store! i stocked up on my fav quesadillas, frozen veggies, agave syrup, white frozen fish, hummus, carrots, and bananas (all organic of course!- cept the quesadillas).

I also branched out:
CHOCOLATE COVERED ESPRESSO BEANS- they come in these cute travel tins. 22 for 70 calories. holy shit. imma be so hyper tomorrow! lol
CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA- reading glidingcalm's blog updates on her trip to India has made me crave Indian food like no other. my best friend is Indian, but she moved a while back and they're still settling so i haven't had any in a while. these seemed like a good alternative!
NEW BARS- I got a peanut butter cookie luna bar and a cashew cookie larabar. I am now the proud owner of 20 kashi bars, a cliffz bar, a luna bar, and 2 larabars. i think i'm stocked up for now ;-)

workout: 30 minutes on elliptical (250 calories burned)- I felt really off and breathless (more than usual) and fatigued, no clue why, so i cut it to 30 min again. the goal is to be HEALTHY.

breakfast: 2 slices Trader Joe's Organic 9 Grain Bread, 2 tblsp Trader Joe's organic hummus, cup of coffee w/ 3 tsp Coffeemate Creamer + 1 tsp Trader Joe's organic agave syrup (300 calories)
lunch: 1 cup white rice, 5 oz yellowtail fish, kimchee (350 calories)
dessert: citron tea & random rice cake (70 calories)
dinner: kalbitang with ricecakes and dumplings added (500 calories)
dessert: CHOCOLATE MOUSSE MILKA, coffee w/ creamer & agave (80 calories)
snack: 5 Terra chips (50 calories)

total: 1350
net: 1100 <---I do realize that is a bit low. but i've been eating higher caloric foods for a while now, and I wasn't very hungry today...trying to listen to my body!

A note on calorie values: these are all very rough estimates. for things like fish/ meat, i use the card deck = 3 oz trick, and I always round up. for things like the citron tea, its like 1 oz = 30 calories, but i say 50 b/c i have no idea how much 1 oz is...haha

I could get a food scale. But i never will, even though I know it's proven to help with weight loss. I know myself all too well- i have an obsessive nature (like how i spend like 3 hrs a day obsessively checking other people's blogs...and no, I am not a stalker thank u very much). I'm very good at mental math, and when I went through my 2 yrs of 500-700 calorie a day diet, i used to count every leaf, every jelly bean, every teaspoon of condiments. seriously, i'd be like (esp with packaged foods) since i'm eating half with a tsp of ketchup this food is 217 calories. And i'd eat a slice of deli ham for 8 calories, and drink 4 cups of water to fill me up, or better yet, a can of diet coke.

I don't want to live like that. I did go from 140+ pounds to 114, but i was miserable. I was depressed. And when I read my diaries, I was almost suicidal- i felt worthless b/c of my weight. looking back at those pictures, i was beautiful. at every weight.

but i never saw that.

i won't go back. ever.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Rawr. So yesterday was the start of Lent (which i spent at the movie theater...oops i'm such a bad christian!). In the past I have "given up"

Junk food in general

There is no point in doing these because:
TV- i no longer have a TV in my parents bought a house upstate and started slowly moving things up there. including our tv. which doesn't matter since I stopped watching American TV in general. I watch random korean shows on youtube once a week. but not regularly.

Starbucks- I don't go 3X a week anymore. decided that I wanna save money for college txtbooks. u no, cause they're friggin expensive. i go 2X a month, if that. seirously, i'd be giving up three freaking cups of coffee for Lent...

Junk food- i eat pretty clean now, except for the piece of chocolate (during school days i eat just ONE not two a day). i no longer eat chips/ ice cream...

coffee- I did this in ninth grade when I wasn't addicted. taking a hs senior who's taking 6 APs off of caffeine is NOT a good idea. i plan to get UNaddicted over the summer, when I don't hv grades to worry about...i'm sure Jesus wouldn't want me to fail out of school =P

So what AM I doing for Lent? getting a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. I have OCD and can get annoyed/angry very easily (i forgive really easily too though- in like 5 min haha). I also can be pessimistic. I WILL CHANGE THAT. Seriously, I am sooo FORTUNATE to be living the life I am, in NY with an apartment with HEAT, AMAZING SCHOOL, and my family is ALIVE and HEALTHY. And so am I- I don't have chronic illnesses, I have all of my limbs, I have good food to eat, etc etc.

Sometimes we just need to stop and be THANKFUL for everything. I think it's really easy to forget that in today's society. I complain to my mom about how high-caloric foods are, or that we don't eat enough organic food, we have "nothing" to eat in the house with a pantry and freezer stocked full of food when there are people STARVING all over the world. Or how I complain that a 65 degree house is freezing when so many people are literally without HEAT or even a freaking HOUSE.

So for Lent, I will be THANKFUL and NOT COMPLAIN. I heard it takes weeks to form a habit that will become LIFESTYLE. I will use Lent as my jumpstart point, and become a kind, caring, loving, grateful person.

Sorry that was my little rant...haha

This morning I was supposed to go up to Cornell to visit, but it snowed there and roads were icy, so I stayed put. Kind of disappointed, but not really I got to lounge all day! I did exercise for 30 minutes on elliptical and torched 250 calories- I tried to keep it above 7.5 mph!

Now for today's eats:

breakfast: 2 eggs, 1/3 cup corn, broccoli, cup coffee w/ agave & creamer (270 calories)
lunch: Trader Joe's Southwestern Chicken Quesadilla, garden salad w/ dressing (350 calories)
dessert: Korean instant coffee, 1 dove milk chocolate (100 calories)
snack: 2 clementines (80 calories)
dinner: Kalbitang (beef rib stew with rice noodles and korean radish- 4oz of beef with 1/4 cup noodles, 2 cups broth) and rice (650 calories)
dessert: 1 dove chocolate, coffee w/ agave & creamer (100 calories)
snackie: citron tea (50 calories)

total: 1600
net: 1350

Kalbitang is a beef rib stew- 4 oz of that beef alone had like 360 calories! haha and at least cellophane noodles don't have that many calories :-D but seriously, my mom is the BEST cook in the world (and yes, i am eternally grateful that the food I eat at home is 10000X better than what I could ever eat in any korean restaurant LOL) and i flat out refuse to not eat it- if it was 3000 calories I'd eat it- just a smaller portion! but my mom does try to make it healthier- using leaner beef, trimming the fat, skimming fat out of the broth, etc.

Kalbitang looks like this:

(photo from

except mine was a whole lot more yum!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not focusing on numbers...

I know I'm bloated and icky so i'm skipping my weigh-in- ill do it monthly b/c i don't wanna get discouraged! I know i've been losing fat and gaining muscle- my thighs are hard yo! :-D

I did a cool 45 minutes this morning on the elliptical and burned 350 calories! I wanted to get back on the right track!

I really need to go low-sodium...which i totally failed by eating chinese food- my parents ordered it and the two are my FAVORITE dishes ever, couldn't resist! tried to keep portion sizes small (but the chow fun is so calorie dense! i actually couldn't find exact calorie amounts...i guestimated haha)

breakfast: 2 eggs, broccoli, corn, jalapeno pepper sauce (!) with coffee and 2 sips of aloe drink (300 calories)
lunch: 1 cup rice with 5 oz yellowtail fish (350 calories)
snack: 2 squares Milka, half a cup of coffee, Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut bar (190 calories)
dinner: rice, chicken and broccoli (2/3 cup), shrimp chow fun (1/2 cup)- (550ish?)
dessert: honey citron tea (50 calories)

total: 1440
net: 1090

(photo from

HOLY YUM!!!!!!!! omg this kashi bar is sooooo damn good. It has a thick gooey layer of chocolate on top of the granola bar and then bits of coconut sprinkled on top. IT IS SOOOO GOOD!!! I wish I had stocked up at Target when they were on sale- alas, i only bought one box b/c i didn't know they would be THIS GOOD. haha sorry freakin out it was like eating a candy bar- i devoured it in like 10 seconds

(photo from

this is said citron tea. cept i use a different brand. but they all taste the same haha just put a spoonful into hot water and drink! it's so yummy and good for you- it has chunks of the peel that u just eat it is beleived to have antibiotic properties (good for warding of illnesses!) and has like a gazillion percent vitamin c (great for flu season!). it's yummy- not at all overpoweringly sour!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I think i'm eating well...just not exercising for two days makes my legs itch to move! i couldn't get outside for a while because of the BLIZZARD that was goin on all dayyyy here...-_- i got out round 5 and did 1.2 miles walk/ job (apparently that's about 120 calories!), 100 jumping jacks, and 100 walking toe reaches and 80 jump-rope jumps. i'm counting that as like..150 calories burned!

Seriously, I'm so hungry if i don't do people eat juts 1200 calories a day?!??! I'm so hungry if i eat that little! (having said that, i do realize that if i took away the chocolate and coffee, i'd have that amount...but I NEED TO INDULGE or i will BINGE like no other). Seriously...i was not going to ahve my second snack but i was STARVING. like about to bite my arm off hungry. LOL

breakfast was toast with almond butter- no yogurt here. hmph. o wellz the bread's locally baked artisan (not whole wheat, but no artificial crap!) and almond butter's always yummy! My two snacks were both carrots and hummus. yum. i could seriously eat an entire cup of hummus (ew, i sujebi has got to be one of the unhealthiest korean foods- it's just like potato flour molded into thin pieces and boiled in clam-water (that sounds a bit gross..but it's yummy i assure you!). but it was sooo good...god i'm indulging so much this week! lol...

and seriously WHY IS MILKA SO GOOD??!?! I was only going to have it once...but being home all day = coffee with my 'rents = CHOCOLATE HEAVEN.

OOOOOOOO OMG GOOD NEWS: apparently samgyupsal (you know, the thing that made up my 1000 calorie super dinner) doesn't have as many calories as I posted. sooo might have had like not 2000 calories that day. but not gonna change it- it's all about balance!

breakfast: toast with almond butter, coffee (320 calories)
snack: carrots and hummus (150 calories)
lunch: sujebi (350 calories)
dessert: coffee with chocolate (100 calories)
snack: carrots and hummus (100 calories)
dinner: bibimbap- rice, tofu, namool, red pepper paste with 1 random dumpling (400 calories)
dessert: coffee and chocolate..damn u Milka for being so good! (50 calories)
snack: korean aloe drink (80 calories)

total: 1550
net: 1400

Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting back on track?

I can't work out today or tomorrow...but i am going to Target! so i can walk right?

breakfast: piece of artisan bread with almond butter, fried egg, coffee with creamer and agave (320)
snack: popcorn, random cookie, bite of bread, tea with agave (150)
lunch: BIBIMBAP!!! (my FAVORITE FOOD EVER)of rice, tofu, namool (greens in sesame oil), red paper paste (400)
dessert: coffee, cookie (100)
dinner: rice, rossu gui, kimchee (530)
dessert: MILKA CHOCOLADE and coffee (100)

total: 1650 (see below)

If you're wondering about all of the korean food i'm eating for TWO meals a day, I am on mid-winter break. And not at home. So i can't really work out till wednesday, when i'll be home again, and i have no control over what i Until Wednesday, I'm just trying to not binge and keep it 1500-1600 net. That is under the 1800-2000 I need to maintain (just about).

Rossu Gui is thinly sliced rib eye- you eat less because it is sliced so thinly (at 70 calories an ounce). We drain all the fat too, so I'm pretty sure I didn't eat all 530 calories, but I try to over-estimate.

It looks like this:

(photo credit to

It is verrry yummy.

MILKA - i can't believe I found you at TARGET of all places. It is the smoothest, most amazing chocolate EVER (made in Germany). Everytime someone in my family goes to Europe, we bring a separate suitcase for chocolate, no joke. I missed it soo....(haven't had it in TWO years daaaamnnnn).

If you see this:

(photo credit to

GO BUY IT. It retails for $2-3 a bar. ITS SOOO GOOD!

*EDIT- ate some popcorn and korean rice cake +50 calories

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Indulgence to the extreme...

I munched on carrots & hummus, piece of korean bread = 250 (I went overboard with the carrots- so yumm!!!)because i got so hungry haha

ok and let's not talk about how i had 670 calories worth of samgyupsal...rofl. it's new years! ate 1 cup rice and some tofu. I had 1.5 really small cookies with coffee for dessert. leSigh...counting that as 150 calories lol

total: 2000 (um...)
net: 1650 (better?...)

On the other hand, i had like 3000 calories on christmas so this is so much better!

Happy New Year!

Yep, it's New Years (lunar, that is!). Being Korean, I celebrate it. With food. muahahahahhaha k gonna try to control myself around it rofl

I woke up, and apparently eating the equivalent of 6 cups of salad in one day is not good for the digestive system LOL. just drank my usual coffee and worked up for 45 minutes, then ate lunch.

Lunch was the SH*T. It was Korean style Japanese udon (make sense? lol) made with an egg and broccoli. It was like 450-500 calories (I think my mom gave me some of hers bc we boiled it in one pot, so i'm countin it as 550)and it was YUMMY.

Apparently my parents want to eat samgyupsal for dinner- thats pork belly. apparently it has about 150 calories per OUNCE. ouch. o wellz gotta splurge right? we eat it like every two months :-D imma try to keep the rice and snacks under control today.

(photo credit to

now doesn't that look wonderful and fatty? lol

so far:
breakfast: coffee (50)
lunch: udon (550)

total: 600
net: 250

(won't be too hard to get to

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rest day (food and exercise)

omg my entire body was sooo sore this morning! and i had music school alllll day long (i play cello- woot!~) so i took the day off. let me tell u, playing cello for 6 hrs (and sitting through 3 hrs of music class) saps the energy from you (esp if u have tendonitis...which i do...and yes, it sucks a lot). apparently playing cello burns like 100 calories an hr! so if i think i actually played for 300 of those hours, I burned 300 calories! rofl k not counting that in my net...

and i made the mistake of weighing myself. apparently i GAINED half a pound??!?! maybe i'm retaining water, dunno why i would be. ugh.

and yes, i took the day off in calorie amount too. apparently it's good to have one high-calorie day to keep your metabolism goin!

breakfast: blueberry chobani with almond butter, coffee with agave syrup and creamer (300)
snack: white chocolate macadamia luna bar and ginger chew (210)
lunch: salad with corn and grilled chicken and balsamic vinegrette (300)
snack: tall skim chai latte (150)
random: peach aloe drink (160)
dinner: rice with lettuce and pieces of sashimi - hwe dup bap (350)

kinda looks like this (cept my portion was much smaller):

(photo credit to
dessert: piece of korean bread with coffee with agave syrup and creamer (100)

total: 1570

soo tempted to add in the cello playing as

Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm so pooped! I took an hr nap idea why i'm so exhausted- could it be the AP Gov Pol quiz and the AP Lit presentation I had today? lol

I only did 25 min cardio and burned 200 calories- I felt like i was trying to do too much too soon, and i didn't want to exhaust myself too much! still have to stay healthy enough for school!

So I had a portion of Trader Joe's spinach pie. This is one of my absolute favorite foods in the WORLD. It's so yummy, and only 240 calories a portion!

(photo from

The crust is delicate and yummy and the filling isn't too cheesy and perfect!

After gym class (we played floor hockey and guess who scored against THREE really athletic guys in my class?!?!?!) I think I burned at least 100 calories running around! I had a honey graham cliff z bar (organic).

(photo taken from

I liked that it was organic, and it was alright, but the texture was really dunno play doh? ewww kinda tasted like that not the best, and i couldve just had carrots and hummus (much yummier) for 130 calories!

Lunch I bought from the cafeteria - salad with grilled chicken salad and a tblsp light vinegar dressing. it was meh. but i was too lazy to pack lunch, and ordering a 1200 calorie sandwich was not really an option right it literally was just greens and chicken, and the chicken was really dry, but it did the trick of filling me up! it had like 3-4 oz of chicken.

Dinner = grilled yellowtail fish, boiled squid with red pepperpaste, and rice. I'm guessing I had like 4 oz of fish and 3 oz of squid? dunno, w/e i'm setting the calorie amount to 450- i think that's more than what i actually ate, but better to overestimate!

breakfast: spinach pie, coffee with agave syrup and creamer (300)
snack: cliff z bar and ginger chew (150)
lunch: salad with grilled chicken (250)
dinner: rice with squid and fish (450)
dessert: coffee with agave syrup and creamer (50)
snack: 1/4 cup shelled edamame- (60)

total: 1260
net: 1060

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yay for 2 hr delayed start! I still woke up at 7 (better than 6!) and only worked out for 32 minutes because I haven't been working out that long and didn't want to overstrain my body by trying to do too much too soon!

So I burned 250 calories. Tried to study for AP Gov Pol and AP Physics and I just chillaxed before newspaper staff meeting (editor-in-chief baby! holla!) then promptly started hyperventilating in my first period AP Spanish class (had physics Test was mad easy yo! woop! Anyways, breezed through that test (2nd and 3rd periods), and then panicked during my free 4th period for my AP Gov Pol essay...rofl see the pattern? Don't study then panic just before ( that would help! lol). Essay was just on how democratic the US government was meant to be (like, ch 1 anyone? yay!!) so that was easy...Got my report card so my mommy bought be a chai tea latte from starbucks! :-D They had heart cups for Valentine's day <3

So for food!

Breakfast was AMAZING first time I had almond butter. WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING!!!! Omg it was so nutty and delicious! Got the organic almond butter from Trader Joe's (FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH EVER!!!). Had it with a blueberry chobani greek yogurt and it was HEAVEN.

(photo taken from <==== MOST AMAZING BAR EVER!!! YUMMMMMMMMm

Lunch = Luna bar (white chocolate macadamia- um srsly, it was like eating a candy bar, cept even better because I knew that it was better for me! can't get much better!) and half a bagel with 1/2 ounce of cream cheese. It wasn't that good. meh.

Snack = CHAI TEA LATTEE (yum- asked for skim but i think i got 2% instead? it tasted creamier so I'mma count it as lowfat) and 2 ginger chews.

(photo taken from

Seriously, these ginger chews are AMAZING. They rock my socks. Other ones are so meh, but these really have a kick and are actually spicy! Holy yum!

Dinner = 3/4 cup rice, pieces of chicken and vegetables and kimchee. yum- for dinner almost always, I gotta guestimate calories because a) they're mostly korean and homemade, and b) even if I can find recipes and caloric values online, my mom changes it a but i'm guessing all the side stuff I ate add up to 150 calories (i had 2 small pieces of chicken, 2 small pieces of potato, and a lot of cabbage and kimchee :-D)

On my way to pit rehearsal now! Comin back and practicing more (my own music, not for musical...haha), studying for my AP Gov Pol quiz, preparing for my AP Lit presentation, and going straight to bed so I can wake up bright and early tom to work out again! Seriously, never knew it, but workin out gives you such a high...:-D

breakfast = yogurt w/ almond butter, coffee w/ agave and creamer = 300 calories
lunch = 1/2 bagel, 1/2 ounce cream cheese, 1 luna bar = 390 calories
snack = grande chai latte, 2 ginger chews = 320 calories
dinner = 3/4 cup rice, bites of side dishes = 350 calories
dessert = coffee w/ agave syrup and creamer = 40 calories
snack = 1/2 korean caffee latte = 50 calories

Total = 1450
Net = 1200

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I workout to eat...

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!! woot!!!!!!! Due to the current severe winter storm, they cancelled school for today before classes ended YESTERDAY (unprecedented...the entire school started cheering lol)

I got up at 7:30 (instead of 5:30- FULL eight hours of sleep! wooooo~). Ate my breakfast of eggs, digested for an hour, and worked out for almost an hour on my elliptical. 400 calories!!! Thats seriously more than what I normally eat for breakfast, so I indulged for lunch and had high calorie sujaebi (korean soup floury stuff lol).

It did make me hungry all day...and tired...took a two hour nap O_O kinda wasted my snow day! hmph!

Dinner = costco frozen orange chicken (mucho calories!!!! again- why I burned so much

Philosophy- workout and eat. workout TO eat. yay!!!

Breakfast= 2 eggs, 1/3 cup raw corn, 1/2 cup broccoli, cup of coffee w/ creamer and agave syrup, 1 ginger chew (300 calories)
Lunch = suejaebi w/ 2 small potatoes, one piece of a roll. (400 calories)
Snack = cup of coffee w/ creamer and agave syrup, 1 small potato, few edamame (150 calories)
Dinner = a little over 1 cup rice, 5 pieces of orange chicken, little bits of tofu, korean pancake, and kimchee (550ish calories)
Dessert = cup of coffee w/ creamer and agave syrup, small potato (100 calories)

Total = 1500 calories
Net calories = 1100 calories.

God I gotta study for my AP Physics test and AP Gov & Politics in class essay. Doi didn't even start. Boo for procrastination...i was too busy relaxin! LOL.butttt TWO HOUR DELAYED START TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Mostly this blog is to chronicle my diet and to come to terms with my own weight...

I used to be "chubby" but grew basically obese when I kept moving, and got labeled "smart" so kids started shunning me and I turned to food.

As in, 4'9" and 140 pounds...

Then I grew (to a whopping 5'!!!), and went on a diet 6th grade (and became pre-anorexic- I ate literally 500-700 calories a day) and got down to 114 pounds. Then high school started, and I stress-ate again. By junior year, I was 136 pounds.

Senior year, I tried to get some of it off, and settled at 128 pounds for months.

Now, I have kick-started my diet (as a second-sem senior! woot!) and actually started working out in the mornings ( getting up at 5:30 is a B*TCH!!!). I've already lost 2 pounds!!! I want to do this in a healthy way- no eating disorder and eating just 500 calories a day with tons of diet coke.

Starting statistics:
weight- 128 lbs
waist- 29"
hips- 38.5"
thighs- 22"

weight-126 lbs
waist- 28.5"
hips- 38"
thighs- 21.5"

weight- 105 lbs
waist- 24"
thighs- 19"
arms- 10"