About the Gurl

Hey hey hey! I'm a typical teenager who has had problems dealing with weight before...

My highest weight was like in 6th grade when I was over 140 pounds...at 4'9". I crash dieted my way to 115 pounds but it was NOT healthy in ANY way. I limited myself to 400 calories a day, and filled up on diet coke, ate bits of salty food to gulp down water, and literally counted every freaking jelly bean. I also didn't care that I ate healthy foods, just low-calorie foods (ie i ate a lot of fake sugars...). I'd use bits of deli meat to "flavor" up lettuce- all for 40 calories and that would be "lunch." I ate half-cup rice portions with silvers of side dishes (for like 100 calories) and call that "dinner."

Enter high school. I started slowly gaining back all that weight. I reached 136 pounds by junior year(but a little taller at 4'11.25"). I'm a stress eater- I ate a lot of chips, cafeteria junk food, etc. Beginning of senior year, I tried to eat a little healthier, and it worked- i got back down to 128 pounds.

Now I'm trying to get to 110 pounds- that is a healthy, ideal weight for me. I'm doing it the healthy way now- no more artificial sugars, no more crash dieting. Just normal "burn more calories than consumed." This isn't a diet- it is a lifestyle change. I'm exercising and eating clean. I want to be HEALTHY in college- I don't want the best four years of my life hampered by weight or health problems, like my childhood and high school years were.

I can do this.

Watch me.