Monday, March 1, 2010


breakfast: blueberry chobani w/ 1 tblsp almond butter, coffee w/ creamer & agave (280)
snack: chocolate brownie cliff z bar (130)
lunch: tuna w/ hummus and corn (280)
snack: chocolate covered espresso beans (70)
dinner: rice, fish, leftover chow fun (400)
dessert: coffee w/ creamer & agave, half a cookie (140)

total: 1300

I know second sem senior = worry free. Until I have those acceptance letters, I can't asianness to the extreme!! I gotta keep my grades up, just in case- not easy with 5 AP classes, working on newspaper 3-5Pm every day, preparing for my senior recital, planning fundraisers...T_T

I will keep commenting on blogs, but until April 1st, I will not be blogging. When I come back, it will be under a new blog (probably on wordpress, I can't deal with blogger...).

k, see y'all then!

-The Gurl

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Late post

wowwww I was ssooo tired yesterday! i woke up after 7 hrs, just cause my body's so damn used to it...T_T

splitting headache + tiredness + sore body = no workout. i think my body's trying to tell me something...haha

ugh and (tmi alert)I got my period a week early. tired gurl + period = really tired gurl. combine with 4 major tests today= stressed and tired gurl. blech.

went grocery shopping today (AGAIN , r u rlly that surprised? LOL).

My Loot:
-Stonyfield Farms ORGANIC SKIM MILK!!! HOLLAAAAA!!! woop! I got a dollar off too!
-CHOBANI YOGURT- I finally stocked up again. I ran out. I waited for a sale. 5/$5. Yep ONE DOLLAR EACH. I bought ten. haha (or rather, what was left on shelves!)
-Annie's Mac and cheese, indiv packs- there are 5 packets. it was $4. good deal. lol

didn't get too much- i'm pretty loyal to Trader Joe's for anything else LOL. Ooooo and Irish soda bread. tried a bite. it was pretty good!

Yesterday's Eats:
bfast: 1/2 cup egg beaters, 2 tsp olive oil, 1/3 cup corn, 1 cup broccoli with coffee w/ creamer & agave (250)
snack: 1/2 farmer's fresh cookie- so addictive! (100)
lunch: rice w/ soft tofu soup, some broiled mackerel, kimchee (350)
dessert: other half of that cookie lol, bite of soda bread, with coffee w/ creamer & agave! (150)
snack: soda bread (100)
dinner: 2 slices cheese pizza (500)<---- again, yes I know. but yummy authentic pizza. it was for a church get together. my turn to bring food. what else do you buy when u have to feed 30 people? lol
dessert: 2 fun size crunch bars, coffee w/ creamer & agave (180)

total: 1630

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Concert day!

OMG crazy crazy day! from 9-1, I had classes/ private lessons, 1-2 i had a recital, grabbed some lunch, then headed over to Alice Tully at Lincoln Center for sound check and dress rehearsal. sat around from 5:30-7:30 backstage, played, and got home at 10 pm.

gah so tired! physically, but mentally too...a recital AND a concert?!?!? i don't want to cram for 3 major tests tomorrow, but i may have to...i'm brain dead right now...need sleeeeppppp

Today's Yummy Eats

breakfast: honey chobani yogurt with 1 tbslp almond butter, coffee w/ milk & agave (270)
snack: kashi dark chocolate coconut bar (120)
lunch: 1 slice chicken and broccoli pizza, left over cheese pizza (550)- the chicken was fried but the slices were pretty small
snack: 1.5 biscotti cookies from farmers market (285)
dinner: chicken quesadilla from Trader Joe's, garden salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette, 2 gyozas (500)

total: 1725
net: a lot less. try carrying a cello up and down stairs...and playing cello for over 5 hrs...T_T lol

and y yes, I DID splurge on really good NYC pizza, and y yes i DID splurge on fresh cookies just out of the oven. muahahaha =P srsly, SPLURGE when you want to. just make sure it's the good stuff. life's too short for bad pizza and dry cookies! (and yes, ONE cookie was almost 200 moment right there!)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Chia goodness!

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(I tried to do the whole link back thing...blogger is NOT cooperating. -_-;;; It shows up invisible and unclickable hmph

SNOW DAY (AGAIN!!!!!!!) Woot~

So I slept at 12. Why? 1) guaranteed snow day. 2) KIM YUNA skated. And she OWNED. She is the QUEEN no one can beat her- srsly i think she'll win gold at every competition she does until she officially retires LOL.

And yes, I had a snow day. Second of the year (and we had a 2 hr delay and an early dismissal this yr too- TOO MUCH SNOW!). It looks like the Ice Age outside. Lots of power outages- I am very GRATEFUL that our power and heat are still on!

so Plan A: sleep in. FAIL. I woke up at 5 with a stomachache :-( So i got up and rewatched Kim Yuna's short program and free skate and the medal ceremony.

I feel really bad for MAO ASADA- she is phenomenal. she just got overshadowed. everyone's saying that she is Salieri to Yuna's Mozart-lots of effort, just not a genius. And the bronze medalist? JOANNIE ROCHETTE. What a heartwarming story. She was phenomenal too. So pretty- and she looks like such a kind hearted person. And her dad was turning red in the stands...:-( <3 I'm so glad she won. She deserves it.

So I got up at 5. Ate bfast at 6:30. Went back to bed at 9. Woke up at 11. Ate lunch, surfed blogs and read random entries, and worked out. For 45 minutes. Without stopping. On resistance. HOLLA!!!!! I burned 370 calories.

On calorie burning- I heard that machine counters are very inaccurate and overcount. So i take 90% of what the machine says. So I burned 419 calories (according to the machine). I took 90% which was 377 point something. I rounded down, just in case (again). Hopefully that's more accurate!

Today's eats:

breakfast: 1/2 cup egg beaters, 1/3 cup corn, 1 cup broccoli with 1 tsp olive oil, 1/2 piece toast, coffee w/ agave & creamer, bite of banana (310)
snack: Korean rice drink (90)
lunch: PASTA with Trader Joe's tomato sauce and Trader Joe's turkey meatball, side salad with balsamic vinegar (420)
snack:1 banana, Korean Oh Yes! cake, coffee w/ creamer & agave (270)
dinner: rice, Korean soft tofu soup, 4.5 oz firm tofu grilled, lots of kimchee (430)
dessert: few bites of Cheesecake Factory pumpkin cheesecake, coffee w/ creamer & agave (190)

total: 1710 <------eek! lol
net: 1340

Korean cake + cheescake?!?! today was def a splurge day, not just calorie wise but food-choice wise- lots of refined foods.

(photo from haitaifood.en)

The Korea Oh! Yes cake was a splurge thing- its NOT natural in any way. But it tastes good. Better than ChocoPie. I haven't had it in ages, so I was like, I just burned 370 calories, why not, it's automatic portion control and only 140 calories.

I didn't know we had cheesecake in the house. But was I going to turn down THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY cheesecake?!?! HELL NO. lol. I just had a few bites (and unfortunately, cheesecake is VERY calorie dense. oops. lol)

Before, I would literally nibble, and eat maybe half a bite total, while i wait for everyone else to finish it off.

Not now. now it's more, "GET AWAY FROM MA CAKE!!!" lol =P

and yes, it was yummy.

and yes, I am full beyond belief.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

UGH my school's weird

Yes, nice title right? lol so I woke up at 6, checked school website. NOTHING. crap. so i start cramming right? b/c i thought we'd have a snow day so I didn't study for my AP Gov Pol test. Fast forward 30 minutes. Get a call. Early dismissal at 12. WTF. Now no more test till tomorrow. I could have worked out. But couldn't. b/c i was cramming for a nonexistent test LOL. our classes were 20 minutes today. we didn't get anything done. it was great :-D

breakfast: 1/4 cup egg beaters + 1 egg + 3/4 cup broccoli, 1/2 piece whole wheat toast, coffee w/ agave & creamer (220)
snack: espresso pillows! (40)
lunch: Trader Joe's Tikka Masala with 1 cup broccoli and few bites of potato (400)
dessert: coffee w/ agave & creamer, left over Korean Caffee Latte (90)
snack: 1/2 small potato (70)
dinner: rice, potato, bits of mackerel, 4 oz grilled tofu (420)
dessert: coffee w/ creamer & agave (40)
snackage: citron tea (50)


REVIEW: Trader Joe's Tikka Masala

(photo from

(photo from

Ok, I admit it- when I opened it, I was like that ain't gonna fill me up! So i heated up some frozen broccoli b/c there was so much sauce to soak it up with, and ate some potatoes before I even touched the meal. There were 3 pieces of chicken swimming in sauce, and maybe 1/2 cup rice. So I started eating- the chicken was moist, and the sauce was really flavorful, and the rice wasn't dry like many instant rice brands or frozen meals. Then halfway through, WHAM I was full. But I kept eating because it was so yummy. If you bulk it up with veggies (like I did), this will keep u full a LONG time- don't let the tiny portion size fool you! It must be a the perfect combo of protein and carbs! I ate at 12:30, ate literal 2 bites of potato at 4, and ate dinner at 6 and was totally fine (I wasn't even that hungry at 6! just kinda hungry, know what i mean?... haha). DEFINITELY will purchase again- it totally satisfied my Indian food craving I got from reading's posts on her trip to India!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Praying for a snow day

Good news 1: my major calc test was moved to Monday
Good news 2: there is a huge chance of a snow day tomorrow.
Good news 3: if there is a snow day tomorrow...
-AP Gov Pol unit test will be Friday
-AP Spanish test will be Monday
-AP Physics test will be Tuesday

Everything will be spread out. :does the snow dance:

I WAS going to workout today. But...I was too tired. I listened to my body and took a much-needed day off.

Concerning that I am not eating enough: I NEVER go below 1200. The new issue of health advises 1250 a day for a 5'4" woman, and 50 calories below for each inch shorter. That means I should eat 1000 calories a day. I think they are on crack. They also recommend cardio 3X a week. That is called disordered eating.

I've gotten a confusion of info: some places tell me to eat 1200, some 1600, w/e. I'm going to eat HEALTHY when i am HUNGRY. some days are higher. esp Saturdays i am in the city. i will splurge on pizza and starbucks and sushi and what not. some days will be lower. i just don't feel like eating, or my tummy hurts or i'm stressed, or tired. but i will not go over 1200 total. most likely i will not go below 1300 total.

so sorry for my rant, but here are today's eats:

breakfast: Chobani honey yogurt with 2/3 tblsp almond butter, coffee w/ milk and agave (250)
lunch: rice, 1 egg, smoked salmon, drizzle of almond oil, broccoli (350)
snack: carrots and hummus (100)
dinner: rice with Korean chicken and potatoes, stir fried bok choy (460)
dessert: 1/2 cup Korean rice drink (70)
dessert II: coffee w/ creamer & agave, square milka (90)
random: chocolate covered espresso beans (40)
randomII: citrus tea (40)

total: 1400

Review!!! Trader Joe's Espresso Pillows

(photo from

These are "crunchy toffeed espresso bits covered in dark chocolate." They are pillows of HEAVEN. I can't carry around (or get refills) of coffee throughout the school day, so i just eat a few of these. Best part? They are 70 calories for 22. TWENTY-TWO. Yup so i can nibble all day for 70 calories LOL. Each tin has 5 servings for $2.99. NOT BAD. Starbucks has similar goodies for much less product for the same price! and these have NO preservatives, NO artificial colors and NO artificial flavors.