Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Praying for a snow day

Good news 1: my major calc test was moved to Monday
Good news 2: there is a huge chance of a snow day tomorrow.
Good news 3: if there is a snow day tomorrow...
-AP Gov Pol unit test will be Friday
-AP Spanish test will be Monday
-AP Physics test will be Tuesday

Everything will be spread out. :does the snow dance:

I WAS going to workout today. But...I was too tired. I listened to my body and took a much-needed day off.

Concerning that I am not eating enough: I NEVER go below 1200. The new issue of health advises 1250 a day for a 5'4" woman, and 50 calories below for each inch shorter. That means I should eat 1000 calories a day. I think they are on crack. They also recommend cardio 3X a week. That is called disordered eating.

I've gotten a confusion of info: some places tell me to eat 1200, some 1600, w/e. I'm going to eat HEALTHY when i am HUNGRY. some days are higher. esp Saturdays i am in the city. i will splurge on pizza and starbucks and sushi and what not. some days will be lower. i just don't feel like eating, or my tummy hurts or i'm stressed, or tired. but i will not go over 1200 total. most likely i will not go below 1300 total.

so sorry for my rant, but here are today's eats:

breakfast: Chobani honey yogurt with 2/3 tblsp almond butter, coffee w/ milk and agave (250)
lunch: rice, 1 egg, smoked salmon, drizzle of almond oil, broccoli (350)
snack: carrots and hummus (100)
dinner: rice with Korean chicken and potatoes, stir fried bok choy (460)
dessert: 1/2 cup Korean rice drink (70)
dessert II: coffee w/ creamer & agave, square milka (90)
random: chocolate covered espresso beans (40)
randomII: citrus tea (40)

total: 1400

Review!!! Trader Joe's Espresso Pillows

(photo from

These are "crunchy toffeed espresso bits covered in dark chocolate." They are pillows of HEAVEN. I can't carry around (or get refills) of coffee throughout the school day, so i just eat a few of these. Best part? They are 70 calories for 22. TWENTY-TWO. Yup so i can nibble all day for 70 calories LOL. Each tin has 5 servings for $2.99. NOT BAD. Starbucks has similar goodies for much less product for the same price! and these have NO preservatives, NO artificial colors and NO artificial flavors.

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