Thursday, February 18, 2010


Rawr. So yesterday was the start of Lent (which i spent at the movie theater...oops i'm such a bad christian!). In the past I have "given up"

Junk food in general

There is no point in doing these because:
TV- i no longer have a TV in my parents bought a house upstate and started slowly moving things up there. including our tv. which doesn't matter since I stopped watching American TV in general. I watch random korean shows on youtube once a week. but not regularly.

Starbucks- I don't go 3X a week anymore. decided that I wanna save money for college txtbooks. u no, cause they're friggin expensive. i go 2X a month, if that. seirously, i'd be giving up three freaking cups of coffee for Lent...

Junk food- i eat pretty clean now, except for the piece of chocolate (during school days i eat just ONE not two a day). i no longer eat chips/ ice cream...

coffee- I did this in ninth grade when I wasn't addicted. taking a hs senior who's taking 6 APs off of caffeine is NOT a good idea. i plan to get UNaddicted over the summer, when I don't hv grades to worry about...i'm sure Jesus wouldn't want me to fail out of school =P

So what AM I doing for Lent? getting a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. I have OCD and can get annoyed/angry very easily (i forgive really easily too though- in like 5 min haha). I also can be pessimistic. I WILL CHANGE THAT. Seriously, I am sooo FORTUNATE to be living the life I am, in NY with an apartment with HEAT, AMAZING SCHOOL, and my family is ALIVE and HEALTHY. And so am I- I don't have chronic illnesses, I have all of my limbs, I have good food to eat, etc etc.

Sometimes we just need to stop and be THANKFUL for everything. I think it's really easy to forget that in today's society. I complain to my mom about how high-caloric foods are, or that we don't eat enough organic food, we have "nothing" to eat in the house with a pantry and freezer stocked full of food when there are people STARVING all over the world. Or how I complain that a 65 degree house is freezing when so many people are literally without HEAT or even a freaking HOUSE.

So for Lent, I will be THANKFUL and NOT COMPLAIN. I heard it takes weeks to form a habit that will become LIFESTYLE. I will use Lent as my jumpstart point, and become a kind, caring, loving, grateful person.

Sorry that was my little rant...haha

This morning I was supposed to go up to Cornell to visit, but it snowed there and roads were icy, so I stayed put. Kind of disappointed, but not really I got to lounge all day! I did exercise for 30 minutes on elliptical and torched 250 calories- I tried to keep it above 7.5 mph!

Now for today's eats:

breakfast: 2 eggs, 1/3 cup corn, broccoli, cup coffee w/ agave & creamer (270 calories)
lunch: Trader Joe's Southwestern Chicken Quesadilla, garden salad w/ dressing (350 calories)
dessert: Korean instant coffee, 1 dove milk chocolate (100 calories)
snack: 2 clementines (80 calories)
dinner: Kalbitang (beef rib stew with rice noodles and korean radish- 4oz of beef with 1/4 cup noodles, 2 cups broth) and rice (650 calories)
dessert: 1 dove chocolate, coffee w/ agave & creamer (100 calories)
snackie: citron tea (50 calories)

total: 1600
net: 1350

Kalbitang is a beef rib stew- 4 oz of that beef alone had like 360 calories! haha and at least cellophane noodles don't have that many calories :-D but seriously, my mom is the BEST cook in the world (and yes, i am eternally grateful that the food I eat at home is 10000X better than what I could ever eat in any korean restaurant LOL) and i flat out refuse to not eat it- if it was 3000 calories I'd eat it- just a smaller portion! but my mom does try to make it healthier- using leaner beef, trimming the fat, skimming fat out of the broth, etc.

Kalbitang looks like this:

(photo from

except mine was a whole lot more yum!


  1. Hey! I saw your comment on Kath's blog and just wanted to send you a quick note. The Oprah episode about Diabetes was not very balanced. Sugar only acts as “shards of glass” in a person who has extremely elevated levels of glucose in their blood stream (due to insufficient insulin in the body) – not the average person just consuming sugar whose pancreas functions normally. Plus there are vast difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes that were not really discussed. Just wanted to be an advocate for the total picture to hopefully avoid miscommunication! Here are a few other links to articles that you might find interesting!

    Hope this help you out!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog girl! Always love seeing new readers! :-)) Have a lovely day!