Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yay for 2 hr delayed start! I still woke up at 7 (better than 6!) and only worked out for 32 minutes because I haven't been working out that long and didn't want to overstrain my body by trying to do too much too soon!

So I burned 250 calories. Tried to study for AP Gov Pol and AP Physics and I just chillaxed before newspaper staff meeting (editor-in-chief baby! holla!) then promptly started hyperventilating in my first period AP Spanish class (had physics Test was mad easy yo! woop! Anyways, breezed through that test (2nd and 3rd periods), and then panicked during my free 4th period for my AP Gov Pol essay...rofl see the pattern? Don't study then panic just before ( that would help! lol). Essay was just on how democratic the US government was meant to be (like, ch 1 anyone? yay!!) so that was easy...Got my report card so my mommy bought be a chai tea latte from starbucks! :-D They had heart cups for Valentine's day <3

So for food!

Breakfast was AMAZING first time I had almond butter. WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING!!!! Omg it was so nutty and delicious! Got the organic almond butter from Trader Joe's (FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH EVER!!!). Had it with a blueberry chobani greek yogurt and it was HEAVEN.

(photo taken from <==== MOST AMAZING BAR EVER!!! YUMMMMMMMMm

Lunch = Luna bar (white chocolate macadamia- um srsly, it was like eating a candy bar, cept even better because I knew that it was better for me! can't get much better!) and half a bagel with 1/2 ounce of cream cheese. It wasn't that good. meh.

Snack = CHAI TEA LATTEE (yum- asked for skim but i think i got 2% instead? it tasted creamier so I'mma count it as lowfat) and 2 ginger chews.

(photo taken from

Seriously, these ginger chews are AMAZING. They rock my socks. Other ones are so meh, but these really have a kick and are actually spicy! Holy yum!

Dinner = 3/4 cup rice, pieces of chicken and vegetables and kimchee. yum- for dinner almost always, I gotta guestimate calories because a) they're mostly korean and homemade, and b) even if I can find recipes and caloric values online, my mom changes it a but i'm guessing all the side stuff I ate add up to 150 calories (i had 2 small pieces of chicken, 2 small pieces of potato, and a lot of cabbage and kimchee :-D)

On my way to pit rehearsal now! Comin back and practicing more (my own music, not for musical...haha), studying for my AP Gov Pol quiz, preparing for my AP Lit presentation, and going straight to bed so I can wake up bright and early tom to work out again! Seriously, never knew it, but workin out gives you such a high...:-D

breakfast = yogurt w/ almond butter, coffee w/ agave and creamer = 300 calories
lunch = 1/2 bagel, 1/2 ounce cream cheese, 1 luna bar = 390 calories
snack = grande chai latte, 2 ginger chews = 320 calories
dinner = 3/4 cup rice, bites of side dishes = 350 calories
dessert = coffee w/ agave syrup and creamer = 40 calories
snack = 1/2 korean caffee latte = 50 calories

Total = 1450
Net = 1200

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  1. i'm seriously obsessed with ginger you can tell if you read my faves are the peanut ones!