Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting back on track?

I can't work out today or tomorrow...but i am going to Target! so i can walk right?

breakfast: piece of artisan bread with almond butter, fried egg, coffee with creamer and agave (320)
snack: popcorn, random cookie, bite of bread, tea with agave (150)
lunch: BIBIMBAP!!! (my FAVORITE FOOD EVER)of rice, tofu, namool (greens in sesame oil), red paper paste (400)
dessert: coffee, cookie (100)
dinner: rice, rossu gui, kimchee (530)
dessert: MILKA CHOCOLADE and coffee (100)

total: 1650 (see below)

If you're wondering about all of the korean food i'm eating for TWO meals a day, I am on mid-winter break. And not at home. So i can't really work out till wednesday, when i'll be home again, and i have no control over what i Until Wednesday, I'm just trying to not binge and keep it 1500-1600 net. That is under the 1800-2000 I need to maintain (just about).

Rossu Gui is thinly sliced rib eye- you eat less because it is sliced so thinly (at 70 calories an ounce). We drain all the fat too, so I'm pretty sure I didn't eat all 530 calories, but I try to over-estimate.

It looks like this:

(photo credit to

It is verrry yummy.

MILKA - i can't believe I found you at TARGET of all places. It is the smoothest, most amazing chocolate EVER (made in Germany). Everytime someone in my family goes to Europe, we bring a separate suitcase for chocolate, no joke. I missed it soo....(haven't had it in TWO years daaaamnnnn).

If you see this:

(photo credit to

GO BUY IT. It retails for $2-3 a bar. ITS SOOO GOOD!

*EDIT- ate some popcorn and korean rice cake +50 calories

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