Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy New Year!

Yep, it's New Years (lunar, that is!). Being Korean, I celebrate it. With food. muahahahahhaha k gonna try to control myself around it rofl

I woke up, and apparently eating the equivalent of 6 cups of salad in one day is not good for the digestive system LOL. just drank my usual coffee and worked up for 45 minutes, then ate lunch.

Lunch was the SH*T. It was Korean style Japanese udon (make sense? lol) made with an egg and broccoli. It was like 450-500 calories (I think my mom gave me some of hers bc we boiled it in one pot, so i'm countin it as 550)and it was YUMMY.

Apparently my parents want to eat samgyupsal for dinner- thats pork belly. apparently it has about 150 calories per OUNCE. ouch. o wellz gotta splurge right? we eat it like every two months :-D imma try to keep the rice and snacks under control today.

(photo credit to

now doesn't that look wonderful and fatty? lol

so far:
breakfast: coffee (50)
lunch: udon (550)

total: 600
net: 250

(won't be too hard to get to

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