Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rest day (food and exercise)

omg my entire body was sooo sore this morning! and i had music school alllll day long (i play cello- woot!~) so i took the day off. let me tell u, playing cello for 6 hrs (and sitting through 3 hrs of music class) saps the energy from you (esp if u have tendonitis...which i do...and yes, it sucks a lot). apparently playing cello burns like 100 calories an hr! so if i think i actually played for 300 of those hours, I burned 300 calories! rofl k not counting that in my net...

and i made the mistake of weighing myself. apparently i GAINED half a pound??!?! maybe i'm retaining water, dunno why i would be. ugh.

and yes, i took the day off in calorie amount too. apparently it's good to have one high-calorie day to keep your metabolism goin!

breakfast: blueberry chobani with almond butter, coffee with agave syrup and creamer (300)
snack: white chocolate macadamia luna bar and ginger chew (210)
lunch: salad with corn and grilled chicken and balsamic vinegrette (300)
snack: tall skim chai latte (150)
random: peach aloe drink (160)
dinner: rice with lettuce and pieces of sashimi - hwe dup bap (350)

kinda looks like this (cept my portion was much smaller):

(photo credit to
dessert: piece of korean bread with coffee with agave syrup and creamer (100)

total: 1570

soo tempted to add in the cello playing as

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  1. from my personal experience, the scale lies. i tend not to weigh myself, after years of mind torture, and use my clothes now more as an indicator of where i'm at size-wise. i'm sure you look beautiful no matter where you're at!