Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm so pooped! I took an hr nap idea why i'm so exhausted- could it be the AP Gov Pol quiz and the AP Lit presentation I had today? lol

I only did 25 min cardio and burned 200 calories- I felt like i was trying to do too much too soon, and i didn't want to exhaust myself too much! still have to stay healthy enough for school!

So I had a portion of Trader Joe's spinach pie. This is one of my absolute favorite foods in the WORLD. It's so yummy, and only 240 calories a portion!

(photo from

The crust is delicate and yummy and the filling isn't too cheesy and perfect!

After gym class (we played floor hockey and guess who scored against THREE really athletic guys in my class?!?!?!) I think I burned at least 100 calories running around! I had a honey graham cliff z bar (organic).

(photo taken from

I liked that it was organic, and it was alright, but the texture was really dunno play doh? ewww kinda tasted like that not the best, and i couldve just had carrots and hummus (much yummier) for 130 calories!

Lunch I bought from the cafeteria - salad with grilled chicken salad and a tblsp light vinegar dressing. it was meh. but i was too lazy to pack lunch, and ordering a 1200 calorie sandwich was not really an option right it literally was just greens and chicken, and the chicken was really dry, but it did the trick of filling me up! it had like 3-4 oz of chicken.

Dinner = grilled yellowtail fish, boiled squid with red pepperpaste, and rice. I'm guessing I had like 4 oz of fish and 3 oz of squid? dunno, w/e i'm setting the calorie amount to 450- i think that's more than what i actually ate, but better to overestimate!

breakfast: spinach pie, coffee with agave syrup and creamer (300)
snack: cliff z bar and ginger chew (150)
lunch: salad with grilled chicken (250)
dinner: rice with squid and fish (450)
dessert: coffee with agave syrup and creamer (50)
snack: 1/4 cup shelled edamame- (60)

total: 1260
net: 1060

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