Saturday, February 20, 2010

splurge day (again..haha)

breakfast: 2 eggs with broccoli and corn, coffee w/ agave & creamer (260)
snack: 1/2 luna bar (90)
lunch: spicy tuna roll, spicy crunchy tuna roll both small, little miso soup (520)
snack: grande iced skim chai (160)
dinner: tuna, vegetables sauteed, rice (440)
dessert: coffee w/ agave & creamer, 1 piece Milka (80)
snack: few random Terra Cotta chips (50)

total: 1600
"net": 1500

Again, Saturday = music day! played maybe 4 hrs today of cello, which apparently burns calories but w/e Sat is my splurge day. i actually think i did really well :-D

1) i could have gotten regular rolls at the Japanese restaurant, but life's too short! ;-) I got what I was craving. now that i look at though, i couldv just gotten pizza =P

2) did I need that chai? no...i was really full too...but i was in the city, and passed like 5 starbucks. i really wanted one rofl

again, those rolls were REALLY tiny...kind of a rip off but it was off the lunch menu so it was $10 with tip (although i covered my friends' too...-_-).

i didn't "exercise" but i did some brisk walking in NYC walking to Barnes & Noble to read mags and drink some chai! :-D that and climbing 6 flights of stairs with a cello...haha i'm sayin i burned 100 calories!

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