Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I think i'm eating well...just not exercising for two days makes my legs itch to move! i couldn't get outside for a while because of the BLIZZARD that was goin on all dayyyy here...-_- i got out round 5 and did 1.2 miles walk/ job (apparently that's about 120 calories!), 100 jumping jacks, and 100 walking toe reaches and 80 jump-rope jumps. i'm counting that as like..150 calories burned!

Seriously, I'm so hungry if i don't eat...how do people eat juts 1200 calories a day?!??! I'm so hungry if i eat that little! (having said that, i do realize that if i took away the chocolate and coffee, i'd have that amount...but I NEED TO INDULGE or i will BINGE like no other). Seriously...i was not going to ahve my second snack but i was STARVING. like about to bite my arm off hungry. LOL

breakfast was toast with almond butter- no yogurt here. hmph. o wellz the bread's locally baked artisan (not whole wheat, but no artificial crap!) and almond butter's always yummy! My two snacks were both carrots and hummus. yum. i could seriously eat an entire cup of hummus (ew, i know...lol). sujebi has got to be one of the unhealthiest korean foods- it's just like potato flour molded into thin pieces and boiled in clam-water (that sounds a bit gross..but it's yummy i assure you!). but it was sooo good...god i'm indulging so much this week! lol...

and seriously WHY IS MILKA SO GOOD??!?! I was only going to have it once...but being home all day = coffee with my 'rents = CHOCOLATE HEAVEN.

OOOOOOOO OMG GOOD NEWS: apparently samgyupsal (you know, the thing that made up my 1000 calorie super dinner) doesn't have as many calories as I posted. sooo might have had like not 2000 calories that day. but not gonna change it- it's all about balance!

breakfast: toast with almond butter, coffee (320 calories)
snack: carrots and hummus (150 calories)
lunch: sujebi (350 calories)
dessert: coffee with chocolate (100 calories)
snack: carrots and hummus (100 calories)
dinner: bibimbap- rice, tofu, namool, red pepper paste with 1 random dumpling (400 calories)
dessert: coffee and chocolate..damn u Milka for being so good! (50 calories)
snack: korean aloe drink (80 calories)

total: 1550
net: 1400


  1. I'm 100% sure I could eat a whole cup of hummus too, so don't worry you're not gross :) ahahah. Your eats look fantastic! You have a wonderfully balanced diet. Admiration. Added you to my reader, love your blog too gorgeous girl :D

  2. Yea, on valentine's day someone gifted my a Milka bar. I tried to limit myself, but it was sooooo amazing!!! But it's ok. You are right, it is important not to restrict too much. Keep it up :)

  3. vivagirl- thank you! and yes, I think i've eaten an entire container of hummus before...lol

    aspoonfulofpb- I know Milka is impossible to resist- I don't even try!

  4. yum! your dinner sounds great with a dumpling!