Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Mostly this blog is to chronicle my diet and to come to terms with my own weight...

I used to be "chubby" but grew basically obese when I kept moving, and got labeled "smart" so kids started shunning me and I turned to food.

As in, 4'9" and 140 pounds...

Then I grew (to a whopping 5'!!!), and went on a diet 6th grade (and became pre-anorexic- I ate literally 500-700 calories a day) and got down to 114 pounds. Then high school started, and I stress-ate again. By junior year, I was 136 pounds.

Senior year, I tried to get some of it off, and settled at 128 pounds for months.

Now, I have kick-started my diet (as a second-sem senior! woot!) and actually started working out in the mornings ( getting up at 5:30 is a B*TCH!!!). I've already lost 2 pounds!!! I want to do this in a healthy way- no eating disorder and eating just 500 calories a day with tons of diet coke.

Starting statistics:
weight- 128 lbs
waist- 29"
hips- 38.5"
thighs- 22"

weight-126 lbs
waist- 28.5"
hips- 38"
thighs- 21.5"

weight- 105 lbs
waist- 24"
thighs- 19"
arms- 10"

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