Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have NO idea why i'm so tired all the time- i sleep 7.5 hrs like clockwork every night, and i exercise (isn't exercise supposed to make u more awake? it makes me sleepy during the day...lol)

still so much work...calc quiz was fine...workin on my eng paper prolly will need to cram for ap go po tom night eek

gonna do strength training tom morn! (like...using 3 lb weights, crunches, etc LOL)

todays eats-

bfast: small banana, 1 tblsp almond butter, coffee w/ creamer & agave (230)
snack: kashi bar (120)
lunch: 1 can tuna, 2 tbslp hummus, 1/3 cup corn (290)
snack: dark chocolate covered espresso beans from Trader Joe's! (40)
dinner: Korean instant Shin ramen with an egg, kimchee (600)
dessert: citron tea (50)
random: Korean rice drink (70)

total: 1400
net: 1200


  1. Honestly... I am a bit worried to see your intake so low. I know you have discussed this in the past and that you think everything is ok, but the human body needs 1200 calories a day just to FUNCTION properly.. that doesn't include walking or any other form of exercise.

    I don't want to sound like a hypocrite.. lord knows I have had my own struggles with not getting enough for my body's requirements, but I just can't read your posts without voicing my concern. If you are extremely tired, it's probably because your body has used up all the energy you have given it, and it needs more.


  2. I like your blog. You should listen to your body. If you are tired there must be a reason.

  3. tatianna- i dunno, all of the magazines are like eat 1200! and health went as far as to say i shud eat 1000?!?!? i'd starve...lol but i try to eat volume-esque foods to be not hungry!

    whitney- thank u! i think it might be that i just got back from break and can no longer sleep 9 hrs a day boooooo

  4. girl i know that you didnt ask my opinoin but i somehow came across your blog and you are so tired bc your body isnt getting enough fuel and you are slowing your metabolism! trust me! you need atleast 1600 if you are trying to lose weight! and ATLEAST 1800-2000 to maintain!! if you eat more then you will lose more easily if you are trying to do that, but im sure you dont even need to lose any weight ! :) but anway just thought id throw my 2 cents in :) your body is running on empty!

  5. Do not believe magazines... seriously!
    It will actually be easier for you to lose weight if you eat more. I know it's a crazy concept, but you need more energy to burn more energy. The fact that you are so tired means that your whole body is adapting to less fuel. In other words, your metabolism is slowing down. Try pumping up your breakfast and post-workout snack so that you have more energy in the beginning of the day - it will carry you through your morning workout and you will feel so much better!

    Good luck!