Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not focusing on numbers...

I know I'm bloated and icky so i'm skipping my weigh-in- ill do it monthly b/c i don't wanna get discouraged! I know i've been losing fat and gaining muscle- my thighs are hard yo! :-D

I did a cool 45 minutes this morning on the elliptical and burned 350 calories! I wanted to get back on the right track!

I really need to go low-sodium...which i totally failed by eating chinese food- my parents ordered it and the two are my FAVORITE dishes ever, couldn't resist! tried to keep portion sizes small (but the chow fun is so calorie dense! i actually couldn't find exact calorie amounts...i guestimated haha)

breakfast: 2 eggs, broccoli, corn, jalapeno pepper sauce (!) with coffee and 2 sips of aloe drink (300 calories)
lunch: 1 cup rice with 5 oz yellowtail fish (350 calories)
snack: 2 squares Milka, half a cup of coffee, Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut bar (190 calories)
dinner: rice, chicken and broccoli (2/3 cup), shrimp chow fun (1/2 cup)- (550ish?)
dessert: honey citron tea (50 calories)

total: 1440
net: 1090

(photo from

HOLY YUM!!!!!!!! omg this kashi bar is sooooo damn good. It has a thick gooey layer of chocolate on top of the granola bar and then bits of coconut sprinkled on top. IT IS SOOOO GOOD!!! I wish I had stocked up at Target when they were on sale- alas, i only bought one box b/c i didn't know they would be THIS GOOD. haha sorry freakin out it was like eating a candy bar- i devoured it in like 10 seconds

(photo from

this is said citron tea. cept i use a different brand. but they all taste the same haha just put a spoonful into hot water and drink! it's so yummy and good for you- it has chunks of the peel that u just eat it is beleived to have antibiotic properties (good for warding of illnesses!) and has like a gazillion percent vitamin c (great for flu season!). it's yummy- not at all overpoweringly sour!


  1. Hey there! :) New to your blog but I like it. You did really well yesterday, even with Chinese food in there! That's quite an accomplishment.

    Good luck with your weight loss!

    Oh...and that Kashi bar looks goooood.

  2. thank you! it's all about portion control :-D
    and yes, the kashi bar was gooooodddd