Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to the Grind

First day back after break is always the hardest...or would be if i didn't have a AP Calc quiz tomorrow, AP Gov & Pol unit test Thursday, and an AP Spanish and AP Calc test friday as well as an AP Lit paper due Friday....all with a Thursday dress rehearsal from 4-10. OY.

i've been waking up at 8 to exercise during break...and i had to wake up at 6. i could barely manage 30 minutes (and 6 were easy cool-down minutes). now i'm pooped and it's only 6PM and i still have so much work....i thought second semester seniors were supposed to relax?!??!

anyways the good news is that i will know which college i am going to in just 5 weeks! (ok, that might be bad news, but good because i know ill get in SOMEWHERE and i'll be happy wherever i go!)

so today's eats:

breakfast: banana w/ almond butter and coffee w/ creamer & agave (270 calories)
lunch: canned tuna with corn and hummus (320)
snack: peanut butter cookie larabar (210)
dinner: rice with broiled mackerel, some egg (400)
dessert: 2 bites of Korean sweet bean bread, coffee w/ creamer & agave (90)
extra: random dark chocolate covered espresso beans (20)
random: few sips of korean rice drink (40)

total: 1350


  1. Yum, lots of good food today. I love Larabars!

    Good luck with your crazy week!

  2. broiled mackerel!? oh i miss seafood!!
    even canned tuna! i love me some tuna! :D

    HAPPY DAYYYYYYY LOVEY! gluck with the school werk werk werk!

  3. nicole- i love larabars too! and thank u!

    glidingcalm- i loooveee seafood more than chicken or any other meat!