Sunday, February 28, 2010

Late post

wowwww I was ssooo tired yesterday! i woke up after 7 hrs, just cause my body's so damn used to it...T_T

splitting headache + tiredness + sore body = no workout. i think my body's trying to tell me something...haha

ugh and (tmi alert)I got my period a week early. tired gurl + period = really tired gurl. combine with 4 major tests today= stressed and tired gurl. blech.

went grocery shopping today (AGAIN , r u rlly that surprised? LOL).

My Loot:
-Stonyfield Farms ORGANIC SKIM MILK!!! HOLLAAAAA!!! woop! I got a dollar off too!
-CHOBANI YOGURT- I finally stocked up again. I ran out. I waited for a sale. 5/$5. Yep ONE DOLLAR EACH. I bought ten. haha (or rather, what was left on shelves!)
-Annie's Mac and cheese, indiv packs- there are 5 packets. it was $4. good deal. lol

didn't get too much- i'm pretty loyal to Trader Joe's for anything else LOL. Ooooo and Irish soda bread. tried a bite. it was pretty good!

Yesterday's Eats:
bfast: 1/2 cup egg beaters, 2 tsp olive oil, 1/3 cup corn, 1 cup broccoli with coffee w/ creamer & agave (250)
snack: 1/2 farmer's fresh cookie- so addictive! (100)
lunch: rice w/ soft tofu soup, some broiled mackerel, kimchee (350)
dessert: other half of that cookie lol, bite of soda bread, with coffee w/ creamer & agave! (150)
snack: soda bread (100)
dinner: 2 slices cheese pizza (500)<---- again, yes I know. but yummy authentic pizza. it was for a church get together. my turn to bring food. what else do you buy when u have to feed 30 people? lol
dessert: 2 fun size crunch bars, coffee w/ creamer & agave (180)

total: 1630

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