Thursday, February 25, 2010

UGH my school's weird

Yes, nice title right? lol so I woke up at 6, checked school website. NOTHING. crap. so i start cramming right? b/c i thought we'd have a snow day so I didn't study for my AP Gov Pol test. Fast forward 30 minutes. Get a call. Early dismissal at 12. WTF. Now no more test till tomorrow. I could have worked out. But couldn't. b/c i was cramming for a nonexistent test LOL. our classes were 20 minutes today. we didn't get anything done. it was great :-D

breakfast: 1/4 cup egg beaters + 1 egg + 3/4 cup broccoli, 1/2 piece whole wheat toast, coffee w/ agave & creamer (220)
snack: espresso pillows! (40)
lunch: Trader Joe's Tikka Masala with 1 cup broccoli and few bites of potato (400)
dessert: coffee w/ agave & creamer, left over Korean Caffee Latte (90)
snack: 1/2 small potato (70)
dinner: rice, potato, bits of mackerel, 4 oz grilled tofu (420)
dessert: coffee w/ creamer & agave (40)
snackage: citron tea (50)


REVIEW: Trader Joe's Tikka Masala

(photo from

(photo from

Ok, I admit it- when I opened it, I was like that ain't gonna fill me up! So i heated up some frozen broccoli b/c there was so much sauce to soak it up with, and ate some potatoes before I even touched the meal. There were 3 pieces of chicken swimming in sauce, and maybe 1/2 cup rice. So I started eating- the chicken was moist, and the sauce was really flavorful, and the rice wasn't dry like many instant rice brands or frozen meals. Then halfway through, WHAM I was full. But I kept eating because it was so yummy. If you bulk it up with veggies (like I did), this will keep u full a LONG time- don't let the tiny portion size fool you! It must be a the perfect combo of protein and carbs! I ate at 12:30, ate literal 2 bites of potato at 4, and ate dinner at 6 and was totally fine (I wasn't even that hungry at 6! just kinda hungry, know what i mean?... haha). DEFINITELY will purchase again- it totally satisfied my Indian food craving I got from reading's posts on her trip to India!


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